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Enabling a new generation of AI with Ethernet

October 17, 2023        6:00 PM

AI News Enabling a new generation of AI with Ethernet

Liz Centoni, Rakesh Chopra

Welcome to the Future of AI News Infrastructure with IT Networks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of transformative technologies, sparking enthusiasm across global organizations. At IT Networks, we recognize the paramount role of AI in reshaping collaboration, application management, digital security, and customer experiences. Cisco, a leader in harnessing AI-powered capabilities, is paving the way for innovation in AI infrastructure.

Incorporating AI into Network Fabrics

At the core of every groundbreaking AI-generated product lies an innovative infrastructure. Fortified by Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and massively scalable data stores and compute capabilities, AI and Machine Learning (ML) platforms are poised for unprecedented scale and performance. For such platforms to thrive, a network fabric must meet the substantial demands of these AI/ML ecosystems. Cisco’s substantial investments have birthed an AI fabric that is robust and advanced, built on the foundation of Ethernet.

Ethernet: The Backbone of AI Fabrics

Our vision for AI Network fabrics revolves around the proven advantages of Ethernet – economy and scale. As technologies mature, businesses often transition from single-source components to multi-source components to enhance purchasing power. In the realm of AI/ML infrastructure, this shift involves moving away from single-source connectors, fabric, and GPUs. Ethernet, as a widely adopted standard, emerges as the ideal choice, facilitating interoperability within and between component types. The broad deployment of Ethernet in data center networks ensures efficiency in training, procurement, and support.

AI Fabrics Built on Ethernet

As we envision the future, we affirm that AI Fabrics will be Ethernet-based. Ethernet’s widespread adoption aligns with the need for diverse choices and scalable solutions. Every organization’s AI journey is unique, demanding agile technology that can scale on its terms. Ethernet, as the most deployed infrastructure, offers broad architectural support, allowing organizations to choose partners, suppliers, and architects that align with their specific goals.

Innovating with Ethernet

AI/ML infrastructure thrives on innovation, demanding greater capabilities and performance. Ethernet, with its proven history of disruptive innovation, is well-positioned to meet these demands. Over the years, Ethernet standard speeds have grown significantly, reaching up to 400Gbps with options like the Cisco 8111-EH and the Cisco Nexus 9232E switch. Cisco’s unique value lies in advancing the economics, agility, choice, and innovation of Ethernet even further.

Cisco’s Unique Value for Ethernet Fabrics

Cisco enhances the value of Ethernet by providing a single silicon architecture – Cisco Silicon One. This simplifies network architectures, offering a consistent experience across the entire network and all network functions. Our commitment to economic benefits is evident in producing a full range of silicon, systems, and optics, transferring economies of scale to end-users.

Choose Your Path with Cisco

Cisco empowers organizations with the flexibility to choose components, white boxes, or fully built systems for their AI Network fabric. Whether your business model thrives on building systems and software on silicon components or requires fully built systems for ease of deployment, Cisco caters to your unique needs.

Unlocking the Power of AI Network Fabrics

Cisco’s development of silicon brings forth differentiated capabilities for Ethernet, unlocking the true power of AI Network fabrics. With one architecture, organizations can opt for standard Ethernet for broad interoperability, advanced scheduled Ethernet for reduced Job Completion Time (JCT), or enhanced Ethernet for a middle-ground solution. Cisco Silicon One ensures that the same network can confidently support high throughput, lossless training fabrics, and ultra-low latency inference fabrics.

In Conclusion

The future of technology transformation is here, and Ethernet is at its forefront. Whether you are refining models, deploying off-the-shelf models for inference, or building large language models, rest assured that Ethernet from Cisco is the fabric that meets your needs. At IT Networks, we stand ready to partner with you on building your AI infrastructure, tailored to match your unique business model. Embrace the future with Cisco and IT Networks – where innovation meets performance.


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