Bloody M590i VIRTUAL 7.1 Surrounding Sound Gaming Headset



M.O.C.I. [ Mycelium Of Carbon It ], 7.1 Virtual Sound, AI-ENC Detachable Mic. Leather Headband, Ergonomics Ear Pads, 3.5mm & USB Connection, PERFORMANCE Headset, Speaker Unit: Φ50mm Hybrid Diaphragm, Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz, Sensitivity: 105 dB, Impedance: 16 ohm, Microphone, Mic. Type: Single-Directional, Frequency Response: 100 Hz -10 KHz, Sensitivity: – 42 dB, Cable, Material: Durable Braided Cable, Length: 100 cm, USB Extension Adaptor: 200 cm, Port: 4-Pin 3.5 mm Plug, Extension USB Plug, Compatible With: Xbox, PS 4/5, Switch, Mobile, PC

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Bloody M590i Gaming Headset

M.O.C.I. [ Mycelium Of Carbon It ]

M.O.C.I. is made of advanced biotechnology with bred nano mycelium and carbon fiber. Featuring Bloody’s Signature Sound, pushing out crisp trebles and midrange with deep, satisfying bass.

7.1 Virtual Sound

Features driver-free 7.1 effect surround sound card, pushing out the natural and delicate sound effects.

AI-ENC Detachable Mic.

AI-ENC microphone helps filter ambient noise and improve chat or call communication via the detachable boom mic.

Leather Headband

The headset can be adjusted to the perfect fit with the help of the soft padded headband and durable quality stainless steel slider.

Ergonomics Ear Pads

The 3D protein leather cushions ensure lasting wearing comfort.

3.5mm & USB Connection

The microphone headset is designed for multiple uses, outstanding 3.5mm audio cable with USB In-line audio volume control (cord length 200cm), with Mic. + / -, Mic. Mute, 7.1 sound on/off, clip-on design, etc. Compatible with Xbox, PS 4/5, Switch, Mobile, PC, and other devices.

Bloody M590i Gaming Headset Performance
Speaker Unit: Φ50mm Hybrid Diaphragm
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Impedance: 16 ohm
Mic. Type: Single-Directional
Frequency Response: 100 Hz -10 KHz
Sensitivity: – 42 dB
Material: Durable Braided Cable
Length: 100 cm
USB Extension Adaptor: 200 cm
Port: 4-Pin 3.5 mm Plug
Extension USB Plug
Compatible With: Xbox, PS 4/5, Switch, Mobile, PC



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