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Cisco Secure Application

Cisco Secure Application now delivers business risk observability for cloud environments

Ronak Desai

Welcome to IT Network News, where we bring you the latest insights in technology and security. In this edition, we delve into the critical realm of application security, a cornerstone in delivering flawless digital experiences. Cisco, a pioneer in the tech industry, introduces innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by the modern application era.

The surge in distributed applications within complex environments has given rise to extensive attack surfaces, leaving businesses exposed to security risks. A staggering 92% of global technologists acknowledge that the rapid pace of innovation has sometimes compromised robust application security during software development. According to RedHat, 93% of companies faced Kubernetes security incidents in the last 12 months, with an average of 277 days to identify and contain a data breach.

Recognizing the foundational importance of application security to brand trust, loyalty, and revenue, organizations face the daunting task of managing vulnerabilities effectively. A survey by Cisco reveals that 93% of IT professionals stress the need to contextualize security, correlate risk, and prioritize vulnerability fixes based on potential business impact.

Enter Cisco’s groundbreaking solution — Business Risk Observability in application security. This evolution prioritizes security issues based on potential impact, empowering teams to swiftly map vulnerabilities and take action where it matters most. Cisco uniquely combines threat context from its security products with vulnerability mapping to provide organizations with a transaction-based business risk score. This score equips organizations with critical information to reduce their overall risk profile and strategically mitigate vulnerabilities that could impact revenue and reputation.

Cisco Secure Application on the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform takes this innovation further. It offers business risk observability across hybrid and cloud environments, allowing teams to rapidly assess risk, prioritize actions, and remediate security issues based on potential impact. Seamless integration with Cloud Native Application Observability enhances its functionality.

With Cisco Secure Application, IT professionals can:

Locate and Highlight Security Issues:

Quickly isolate security issues across various application entities, including business transactions, services, workload, pods, and containers.

Prioritize Issues:

Utilize a business risk score that combines application and business impact context to identify and address the most critical vulnerabilities.

Accelerate Response Times:

Receive real-time remediation guidance, including recommended prescriptive actions to address the most impactful vulnerabilities.

Cisco Secure Application brings application and security teams together, providing expanded visibility and intelligent insights into business risks. This facilitates real-time responses to potential security events that could impact revenue, ultimately reducing overall organizational risk profiles.

As part of Cisco News, this innovation is closely tied to Cisco’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge products. One such product is the Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO) Platform, a robust solution that plays a pivotal role in providing businesses with the observability needed to enhance security. To learn more about Cisco Secure Application, the Cisco FSO Platform, and other Cisco products, explore our product page for a comprehensive understanding of how these solutions can elevate your organization’s security posture.

Discover the power of securing modern applications with Cisco Secure Application and fortify your organization’s resilience against evolving security challenges.


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