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Cisco Webex Calling with Multiplatform Phones

The workplace is changing. International teams are common, spread across multiple sites, making real-time collaboration more important than ever. With Cisco Webex Calling, voice communication is key to getting business done.

Customers often ask me why I should choose Cisco MPP (Multiplatform phones) IP Phones to go along with my Webex Calling solution. My answer? They offer superior audio quality, design, features, manageability and security that work hand-in hand with Cisco Webex Calling to offer you the best all-around calling and IT management experience. Customers agree and have made Cisco the #1 provider of IP phones in the world.

Need more convincing? Here is my list of the top 5 reasons Cisco Webex Calling is better with Cisco IP Phones:

1. Deployments are Easier and Cost Effective
The Cisco teams who built the Webex Calling platform synchronize their releases with the MPP teams to develop exciting new features such as the Global Discovery Service (GDS) which enables easy and cost effective phone distribution and provisioning. With GDS, partners and customers can deliver phones to end user locations without having to go through a long cycle of pre-staging. The cost savings and convenience offered by GDS removes much of the hassle of setting up new phones and helps increase the number of installs that may be performed at any given time.

2. Security Runs DeepSecurity Runs Deep
Cisco meets and exceeds the toughest security standards including, encrypted media, Transport Layer Security 1.2 and a full suite of protective layers that put users at ease when conducting mission critical business on MPP Phones and Webex Calling. Because Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco MPP phones are tightly integrated, we can utilize the latest ciphers on the phones, built into our most recent phone firmware, to provide a more secure solution – closing security holes and reducing the risk of denial of service attacks. This provides end users a security blanket by knowing their calls are secure and any attack on their network will not come through the phone.

3. It’s All About the Experience
We offer a variety of phones with a range of features and price points targeted to meet specific buyer’s needs and use cases.
Cisco 10-line Cisco 8800 Series IP PhonesThe 10-line Cisco 8800 Series IP Phones are the right size to fit on any desk and let users comfortably work with concurrent calls on all 10 lines. The high-end design of screen layout and interaction of the phones’ feature keys are the secret that made these phones famous in movies, on TV and installed on the desks of the most powerful and influential people worldwide. Add Key Expansion Modules, and the user can manage calls for their entire department or organization. Offer a video phone, and now you’re making remote workers feel closer to colleagues who are across town or across an ocean.

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