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Cisco Workload Optimization

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager introduces support for GCP: Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) recently introduced support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing visibility, insights, and actions for the top three public cloud providers.

It’s no secret that many organizations use multiple public cloud providers – either by design, to take advantage of a provider’s specific strength or toolkit, or due to mergers and acquisitions, where different business units use different cloud providers.

According to the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report, 89% of organizations have a multi-cloud strategy, with 80% having a hybrid cloud strategy. Using multiple clouds just compounds the challenge of controlling cloud spend.

HashiCorp, in its 2021 state of cloud survey, also found that 39% of respondents said their organization overspent on their cloud budgets.

CWOM to the rescue
Cisco Workload Optimization Manager is a decision-automation engine that provides workloads with the exact resources they need at the right time in accordance with business policies, freeing IT teams to focus on innovation rather than the maintenance of their IT environment.

CWOM helps organizations assure application performance and reduce cloud cost by continuously resourcing applications to perform better.

By using CWOM, customers let software make the decisions through AI and automation to continuously assure applications have the resources they need to perform at the lowest cost.

CWOM scales the efforts of your IT and application teams, helping them drive innovative applications and differentiate against the competition.

And now with version v3.3.0 of CWOM, IT teams will have insights into GCP the same way they already have into AWS and Azure.

Starting with this version, CWOM will assist customers in extending a performance-centric view to workloads on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), like we do for AWS and Azure.

CWOM gathers specific data points from GCP and provides actionable and automatable recommendations to maintain and increase performance, while reducing costs.

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