Cisco SPA301-G2 IP Phone

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Original part number SPA301-G2 Product name Cisco SPA301 1-Line IP Phone

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Cisco SPA301-G2 IP Phone :

Original part number SPA301-G2 Product name Cisco SPA301 1-Line IP Phone

Specifications Of Cisco SPA301-G2 IP Phone :
Product name Cisco SPA301 1-Line IP Phone
Class of product IP Telephone (SIP)
Port WAN N/A
Port LAN 1x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
Number of supported VoIP lines 1 Pcs
Number of FXS ports for phone (RJ11) 0Pcs
Supported VoIP protocols SIP v2 – Session Initiation Protocol ver.2SRTP – Secure Real-time Transport ProtocolSTUN – Simple Traversal of UDP through NATsSIP – Session Initiation Protocol
Sound encrypting protocol ITU G.711aITU G.726ITU G.729abITU G.722
Supported protocols and standards AD – Voice Activity Detection CNG – Comfort Noise GenerationPLC – Packet Loss ConcealmentRTCP – Real Time Control ProtocolSNTP – Simple Network Time ProtocolNAT – Network Address TranslationTCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet ProtocolUDP – User Datagram ProtocolDHCP Client – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ClientDNS – Domain Name SystemARP – Address Resolution ProtocolIPv4 – Internet Protocol version 4WEP 64/128-bitWPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key)SSL – Secure Sockets LayerDSCP – DiffServ Code PointICMP – Internet Control Message ProtocolRTP – Real-time Transport ProtocolIEEE 802.3 – 10BaseT
Management, monitoring and configuration WEB management
Additional phone’sfunctions Call Waitingconference callRedialCall ForwardingHold keyCLIP – Calling Line Identification Presentationspeed dial keysRedial
Additional functions AES EncryptionVoice Mail Box
Standard accessory Telephonepachcord RJ45, UTP, cat. 5software and drivers on CDAC adapter
Additional information Provisioning (HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP),Usability:Message waiting indicator light12-button dial padMedia:High-quality audio handset Accessibility:Hearing aid compatibilitySupport calls between TTYs