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Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

In today’s digital-first world having enterprise grade information, services, and workloads in the cloud is becoming increasingly important for success. Nonetheless the lack of asset visibility that haunted private networks has not disappeared in the cloud era; it has been transferred, or some may say even aggravated.

In its Hype Cycle for Security Operations, Gartner has defined Cyber Assets Attack Surface Management (CAASM) as “an emerging technology focused on enabling security teams to solve persistent asset visibility and vulnerability challenges”.
This tackles our lack of visibility concerns. However, it extended CAASM’s definition to include “enables organizations to see all assets (both internal and external) through API integrations with existing tools, query against the consolidated data, identify the scope of vulnerabilities and gaps in security controls, and remediate issues.” This highlights the fact that while there is no lack of data, processing and assessing remains challenging due to silos. This is where Secure Cloud Insights (SCI) steps in.

Secure Cloud Insights (SCI) is a technology that delivers multiple CAASM’s benefits:

Ease of provisioning: Native API integrations make provisioning and deploying SCI a simple task. A wide range of integration types are supported such as cloud providers, vulnerability assessment tools, code repositories, identity sources, endpoint solutions, workflow

Cyber asset visibility and classifications: Numerous pre-defined integrations feeds SCI with diverse assets and asset types and their associated “state” or “configuration” that defer from one integration to the other. The graph database and the classification engine play a big role in grouping assets by their class and type. For example a data store class contains asset types such as an S3 bucket, EFS, google storage bucket, etc.

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