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Dell Tech’s Storage Innovations Drive AI and Generative AI Pace.

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT networks, the quest for faster and more efficient AI and generative AI (GenAI) performance is a relentless pursuit. Dell Technologies, a powerhouse in the technology realm, has unveiled groundbreaking advancements in enterprise data storage, bringing a new era of possibilities to IT professionals and businesses worldwide.

Empowering AI with Dell PowerScale: Unleashing Unprecedented Performance

Dell PowerScale, recognized as the world’s most flexible, secure, and efficient scale-out file storage system, is taking a giant leap forward. With the introduction of PowerScale OneFS software enhancements, the process of preparing, training, fine-tuning, and inferring AI models has been supercharged. For IT networks grappling with data access bottlenecks, the new PowerScale all-flash storage systems, built on the latest Dell PowerEdge servers, promise up to a remarkable 2X performance increase for streaming reads and writes.

The implications of this advancement are profound, as highlighted by Arthur Lewis, President of Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies: “Storage performance is a critical factor for successful AI and GenAI outcomes. We are addressing these needs by delivering fast, efficient, and secure access to data and turning it into a proverbial goldmine of AI and GenAI possibilities.”

Smart Scale-Out Capability: Enhancing GPU Utilization

Acknowledging the importance of single compute node performance, PowerScale is set to introduce a new smart scale-out capability. This innovation aims to enhance GPU utilization, leading to faster storage throughput for critical AI processes such as training, checkpointing, and inferencing. For businesses like McLaren Racing, this translates into a competitive edge, as highlighted by Dan Keyworth, Director of Business Technology at McLaren Racing: “Thanks to Dell PowerScale, we’re equipped to leverage cutting-edge AI applications, combining high-performance storage with computing capabilities to create a winning formula for success.”

Validation with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD: Accelerating AI Initiatives

In a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA, Dell is validating a combination of NVIDIA DGX systems, PowerScale storage, and NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand and Spectrum Ethernet networking. This validation is poised to make Dell PowerScale the first ethernet storage solution validated on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD. The result? Customers can confidently accelerate their AI and GenAI initiatives with Dell’s industry-leading network-attached storage.

Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure: Bridging the Cloud Divide

Recognizing the dominance of multicloud strategies, Dell is introducing APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure, the latest addition to the APEX Storage for Public Cloud portfolio. This offering delivers enterprise-class file performance and management capabilities in Microsoft Azure, catering to the performance-intensive needs of AI and machine learning applications.

Collaboration with Databricks and Multicloud Workflows: Flexibility Redefined

Dell’s collaboration with Databricks expands the horizons for IT networks, offering flexibility across multicloud environments. Through APEX File Storage in AWS and Azure, customers can seamlessly integrate cloud-native AI and GenAI workflows. This collaboration enables users to choose from a variety of large language models (LLMs) and leverage libraries from Databricks MosaicML to retrain foundational models with proprietary data stored in Dell APEX File Storage.

The Road Ahead: Availability and Global Impact

The unveiled advancements are not just a glimpse into the future; they are tangible solutions with global availability timelines. Dell PowerScale OneFS software enhancements are set to be available globally this month. The next-generation all-flash Dell PowerScale systems and the new smart scale-out feature will follow, slated for global availability in the first half of 2024. Similarly, Dell APEX for File Storage for Microsoft Azure is expected to be globally available in the first half of 2024.

Join the Revolution: Connect with Dell on X and LinkedIn

As IT networks navigate the complexities of AI integration, Dell Technologies emerges as a beacon of innovation. For those keen on staying at the forefront of AI and GenAI advancements, connecting with Dell on social platforms like X and LinkedIn is an invitation to join the revolution.

In summary, Dell’s strides in AI storage are not just technological milestones; they are a testament to the company’s commitment to empowering IT networks with the tools they need to thrive in an AI-driven era. The collaboration with industry leaders, validation with cutting-edge solutions, and the promise of flexibility across multicloud environments position Dell Technologies as a formidable ally for IT professionals steering the course of the digital future.


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