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Get to CVEs Before They Compromise Your PC

Every day, organizations and their employees face risks from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), making PC management and updates crucial. With OS-level targets becoming more secure, attackers are increasingly focusing on hardware-level threats. A 2023 study by the Futurum Group revealed a 1.5x increase in device-level attacks since the pandemic began. CVEs serve as gateways for attackers to access critical apps and data, and their total number is expected to rise by 25% in 2024.

Improving visibility into CVEs is likely a priority for your team. According to a global survey by ESG, organizations prioritize automated workflows for detecting BIOS firmware events and high-risk configurations when sourcing new hardware.

In this landscape, knowledge and automation are vital. Dell commercial PCs are designed with security in mind, equipped with built-in features (many unique to Dell) to detect and repel threats. Introducing CVE Detection, a new feature available through the Dell Trusted Device Application (DTD App) version 6.3 and part of the Dell SafeBIOS protections. CVE Detection monitors devices for publicly reported security flaws, providing recommendations for mitigation.

By automating this critical workflow, IT teams can proactively assess device health against the U.S. National Vulnerability Database, enhancing security posture and operational efficiency. Initially focusing on BIOS vulnerabilities, future iterations of CVE Detection will cover application, drivers, and other firmware vulnerabilities. Integration with Microsoft Intune is also planned.

To access the latest features, ensure your DTD App is up to date, as updates are released monthly. For more information, refer to our DTD Below-the-OS white paper or reach out to us to learn about Dell’s industry-leading secure commercial PCs.


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