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How to secure your business in minutes


Cybersecurity on a small business budget

How to secure your business in minutes

At IT Networks, we understand that being a small business doesn’t make you immune to cyber threats. In fact, small businesses are often targeted precisely because they may lack the robust cybersecurity resources that larger enterprises enjoy. With the growing trend toward remote work and off-network operations in 2021, businesses of all sizes find themselves more susceptible to cyber threats and attacks.

The reality is that employees working remotely, utilizing cloud-based solutions, and accessing technology and apps without proper IT oversight can inadvertently expose your business to potential risks. The aftermath of a cyberattack is not only disruptive but also costly – on average, small businesses spend a staggering $955,000 per attack to restore normal operations.


If the idea of managing complex cybersecurity alongside running your business feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. A concerning 47% of small businesses admit to having no understanding of how to protect themselves against cyber threats. However, as time progresses, cyber threats are evolving into more numerous and sophisticated forms, with orchestrated, multi-staged, and evasive attacks becoming the new normal.

The urgency to act is clear, but where do you start?

Introducing our guide: Small Businesses Deserve Big Protection. This comprehensive resource is designed to help you achieve enterprise-grade security on a small business budget, providing:

  1. The Most Effective Threat Protection in the Industry: Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats with top-tier security measures.
  2. Visibility and Protection for All Devices, On and Off the Network: Ensure the safety of your operations, whether your team is in the office or working remotely.
  3. Simple Management and Flexible Policies: Streamline cybersecurity management, making it accessible and adaptable to your business needs.
  4. Rapid Deployment and Quick Time to Value: Implement security solutions swiftly and experience immediate benefits.
  5. Reliability and Performance You Can Depend On: Trust in a cybersecurity infrastructure that works seamlessly to protect your business.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – empower your small business with the cybersecurity it deserves. Download our guide today and take the first step toward securing your business in the digital age. Remember, proactive measures now can save you from the significant costs and disruptions associated with cyberattacks. Stay secure with IT Networks.


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