A4tech KK-3330S Wired Desktop Combo


KK-3 + OP-330S

FN Hot Keys, Laser Inscribed Keys, Adjustable Keyboard Height, Large Enter Key, Drain, Holes Design, 5 M Clicks
Button Lifetime, Wider Wheel, 1200 DPI, Silent Clicks, System Requirements: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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A4tech KK-3330S Wired Desktop Combo :

High-Elasticity Silicon
High-elasticity silicon membrane for fresh and comfort typing experience.

FN Hot Keys
Easy to access to 12 multimedia & internet functions.

Laser Inscribed Keys
Ensure you will never loose key identity.

Adjustable Keyboard Height
Adjustable tilt enable a truly personalized experience.

Large Enter Key
Large L shape Enter key for convenience.

Drain Holes Design
The drain holes are designed to prevent the keyboard from liquid spill off.

5 M Clicks Button Lifetime
Extreme quality offer over 5 million clicks guaranteed.

1200 DPI
Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere, even on furry textiles. Throw away your mouse pad!

Wider Scroll Wheel
Wider scroll wheel provides fingerfit comfort for long time use.

8 gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands.

4-way Wheel
Smart horizontal & vertical scrolling.

Silent Clicks
Keeps you focused on the task at hand and eliminates worry of bothering others around you.

A4tech KK-3330S Performance :

Keyboard: KK-3
Keycaps: Traditional
Hotkeys: 12 FN Multimedia Hotkeys
Character: Laser Engraving
Splash Proof: Yes
Adjustable Keyboard Legs: Yes
Rating: 5 V / 100 mA
Cable Length: 150 cm
Hardware Connectivity: USB
Illuminated: No
Mouse: OP-330 / OP-330S
Type: Wired
Ergonomic Design: Symmetric
Sensor: Optical
Resolution: 1200 DPI
Buttons No.: 3
Port: USB
Cable Length: 150 cm
Mouse Weight: 85 g (w/ cable)
System Requirements: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Laser printing keycaps make the letter or character always new even after your long-term use.