Bloody L65 Max Lightweight Gaming Mouse


12,000 CPI

Sensor Exclusive BC3332-A Sensor, DPI 10000 CPI, Tracking Speed 250 IPS, Fine-Tuning CPI ±100~10000CPI,
Acceleration 35 g, 4 Customizable Sensor Sensitivity, Personalized Customizable CPI Button, 3-Manual Adjustable
Lift off Distance Setting [LOD], 4-Manual Adjustable Report Rate [R-Hz], AFC System, Over 50 Million Clicks, Over
500,000 Scrolls, RGB Lighting Effects Setting

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Bloody L65 Max Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Translucent Honeycomb Shell

Features a solid yet light honeycomb inner shell that reduces the mouse’s weight to just 78 grams. With translucent upper cover for RGB backlit performance meanwhile ensures dust and dirt resistance.

BC3332-A Sensor

With professional 12,000 CPI, 8000 FPS,250 IPS, and 35G acceleration, the mouse gives gamers accurate and precise on-screen control in fast paced FPS games such as CS:GO.

RGB Animation Backlit

5 Types of lighting effects are preloaded by default. You can change the other backlit colors through bloody software.

4M Onboard Memory

Equipped with 4M onboard memory, can store as many as 120K macros.

Large Size Mouse Feet

Optimizing the Teflon mouse feet edge arc can effectively reduce the mouse moving friction resistance. The large size ensures constant positioning and more durability.

Lightweight Braided Cable

Special tuned slant-up cable SR structure comes with more flexible super soft and lightweight materials cable to avoid friction drag during gaming.


Sensor: MAX BC3332-A 12K Sensor
Resolution: 100~12,000 CPI
Frame Speed: 8000 fps
Acceleration: 35 g
Tracking Speed: 250 ips
Report Rate: 125~2000 Hz
Key Response: 1 ms
Button Lifetime: Over 20 Million Clicks ( Left / Right Button )
Wheel: Over 500,000 Scrolls