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Performance, Reliability and Security

Performance, Reliability and Security – with Cisco SD-WAN and Verizon 5G, you can have it all: When it comes to connectivity in today’s hybrid work model, it’s a technological change gathering momentum with each passing day.

Did IT folks anticipate this paradigm change of “work from anywhere”– where security perimeter will need to evolve from network perimeter to an identity perimeter? Organizations are challenged with finding flexible and secure networking solutions that enable the rapid transition to hybrid cloud and hybrid work while maximizing application performance for their users. To help customers meet these challenges Verizon and Cisco have launched new 5G SD-WAN services delivered via Verizon’s Network as a Service (NaaS).

5G enhances SD-WAN with true network diversity, a nationwide footprint with a consistent SLA from a single provider, and advanced network services such as QoS to optimize voice, video, and critical application traffic. Cisco SD-WAN maximizes application performance with intelligent network selection, Cloud OnRamp (public and SaaS), and simplified, secure access to help businesses achieve improved connectivity, increased cost savings, and greater security.

Anywhere, anytime access to applications you need to succeed
Now, as hybrid working environments abound, we’ve seen the requirement for anywhere, anytime access grow. IT teams have adapted to connect and protect users in new ways. ​

In today’s cloud-centric infrastructure, a single user could access applications from multiple locations—and the applications they’re accessing are also distributed. An environment where both users and applications are distributed is harder to manage and increases the security risk. The growing challenge with this diverse IT landscape is how network and security teams provide consistent, secure access to their users while still reducing the complexity that can come with it? ​

In this new paradigm, IT requires a simple and reliable approach to protect and connect with agility. This is forcing a convergence of network and security functions closer to users and devices, at the edge—and is best delivered as a cloud-based, as-a-service model called secure access service edge (SASE).

Besides enabling hybrid connectivity, Verizon’s NaaS with Cisco SD-WAN solutions help simplify operations, employ an asset-light model, optimize resources, allow network and security convergence, improve the user experience from application-aware routing, and increase business agility.

SASE your way
Businesses have different architectures, business goals, and investments. The journey may start from various points along a continuum of the SASE journey. We can bridge your journey to SASE from wherever you are today.

Verizon and Cisco are committed to providing the strongest SASE offering in the industry with networking and security capabilities natively through a unified, global cloud infrastructure. ​Our solution supports the primary SASE use cases (SD-WAN, FWaaS, SWG, CASB, and ZTNA).

The world is moving to the cloud at hyper-speed, and we can get you there on your schedule. When you deploy SD-WAN with 5G, let Verizon and Cisco help you with the pre-flight checklist. We can provide the services to implement, manage and optimize application performance and user experience with a complete, integrated SASE architecture. Additionally, Verizon’s network as a service (NaaS) cost-effective, subscription-based model lets businesses of all sizes consume network infrastructure on-demand—and as needed. The combined networking and security expertise of Verizon and Cisco provides you with everything you need to build a secure networking model.

The addition of 5G SD-WAN builds on Cisco and Verizon’s longstanding history of co-innovation and provides customers with the agility and scalability to meet today’s needs while future-proofing their operations.

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