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Power Innovation with the Newest Server Technology

Business models are evolving. Once‑commoditized industries are now experiencing growth and premium margins as new entrants introduce innovative ways to deliver products and services. Markets that once benefited from high barriers to entry are being disrupted as new players leverage technology to reinvent processes and reimagine the customer experience.

The need to modernize, coupled with the massive amounts of data available, has fueled the adoption of new workloads to address this growth. Looking forward and driving change with digital transformation has driven massive shifts in how organizations go to market, operate, and manage risk. Meeting ever‑evolving customer needs require business agility and the adoption of technology that supports emerging channels and seamless operations.

Take advantage of the newest server technology with our PowerEdge Server portfolio that has been reimagined with 22 new servers and bolstered by 1,100 Dell‑owned or filed U.S. patents. The latest generation of PowerEdge servers are engineered to optimize technology advances for predictable profitable outcomes and the highest performance to date, delivering the right combination of technology and capabilities to address your unique compute and workload needs. They are performance‑optimized to encompass a wide range of use cases from new workloads around cloud, IoT, and AI/ML to more traditional workloads around big data and VDI. In addition, we have introduced ruggedized, short‑depth servers designed specifically to meet the edge‑centric requirements of telco and the military.

Complete with insightful systems management and cyber-resilient security, you will get the information you need at your fingertips with real‑time telemetry that empowers you to enhance system performance and maximize asset utilization. By eliminating siloed operations, and providing full visibility across hybrid environments, our servers help streamline and improve management with one comprehensive platform. Security is embedded in every PowerEdge server to support your digital transformation with infrastructure and IT environment designed for secure interactions and the capability to anticipate potential threats. Our proactive resilience starts with the silicon design and permeates the system’s lifecycle, from manufacturing, through the supply chain, and retirement — all from a single, trusted vendor.

Lastly, with consistent services for all solutions available around the globe, Dell Technologies helps you maximize your investment throughout the technology lifecycle. If you prefer to have your IT team physically install servers, Dell PowerEdge configuration services can help you deploy large quantities of servers quickly, efficiently and right the first time.

At Dell Technologies, we never stop pushing for better. We are always working to innovate, to improve and to advance. Because progress happens when you relentlessly push through every challenge — and constantly move onto the next one.

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