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Q&A with Chris Nguyen

Q&A with Chris Nguyen, Fortinet Channel Sales Engineer: A channel sales engineer is the face of Fortinet to many of our channel partners. Fortinet channel sales engineers (SEs) are responsible for technical enablement with our channel partners, helping them maximize the opportunity with Fortinet’s Security Fabric solutions. Chris Nguyen, who has been with Fortinet 11+ years, is one such dedicated channel sales engineer.

Chris wasn’t always an SE. Before Fortinet, he worked in retail and when he started at Fortinet it was on the help desk—providing technical support for Fortinet products. Chris says that his prior experience working with different types of people is an ideal skill that he has used since becoming a channel sales engineer in 2016. Recently, Chris shared his thoughts on being a channel sales engineer and why he loves working at Fortinet.

Can you explain your role as a Fortinet channel sales engineer?
Chris Nguyen (CN): My role as a channel sales engineer is to help our partners become better at selling and positioning Fortinet products. Channel sales engineers are responsible for technical enablement for the partner community—from the smallest partners all the way up to our larger named partners. We typically interface with partners to help train them or make them aware of the training options that we have available. So, we’re generally 100% focused on technical enablement.

Also, there is a relationship building component in my position. We try to expand the relationships between partners and Fortinet. Our goal is to try to build rapport with partners to help Fortinet become top of mind, so that when their customers come to them looking for a solution, they think, “Okay, I know this great Fortinet solution. I was just talking with my channel SE Chris Nguyen and I think this would be great for you, Mr. Customer.” That’s the ultimate channel SE team goal.

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