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Seven Dell Technologies World Sessions on IT at Dell

Customers frequently ask us how we use our own products and services to run our own infrastructure—and we’re more than happy to share what we do and what we’ve learned. This year at Dell Technologies World we are offering seven sessions—six in person and one online—that do exactly that. These sessions hosted by Dell Digital—Dell’s IT and eCommerce organization—give you the opportunity to meet with our own IT practitioners, hear what we’re doing inside Dell IT, and ask us all your burning questions. Our sessions run the gamut from data management, DevOps, multi-cloud and to innovating at the edge—and we can’t wait to tell you more.

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Learn How CIOs Can Create a Lasting Impact towards Digital Transformation
As the pace of change intensifies and digital transformation initiatives accelerate, CIOs are increasingly at the forefront of preparing their organizations for what’s next. Hear first-hand from Dell Technologies Chief Digital Officer Jen Felch and Senior Vice President, IT, Betsy Davis about business imperatives we’re embracing inside Dell—from how we’re building our multi-cloud strategy, to embracing the future of work at scale, to innovating with data and applications anywhere.

Building a Multi-Cloud Experience to Increase Speed, Agility, and Innovation
Whether it’s private clouds, public clouds, or SaaS applications, IT organizations everywhere are increasingly embracing a multi-cloud world for speed, agility and increased innovation. We are no exception. Senior Director, Software Engineer IT Raj Markala and Director, Software Engineer IT Suzan Pickett share more on Dell’s own multi-cloud journey, including how we’re building a foundation to provide a consistent and modern developer experience, on-demand infrastructure and automation to our users. Session ID 5501P. Attend in person.

Empower Productivity from Anywhere: Best Practices to Deliver a Premium Employee Experience
Dell Technologies has a long history of flexible work. However, the shift to a more distributed, remote working environment has created new challenges. The modern workforce is looking for more meaningful work with the flexibility, productivity, security and premium technology experiences they have come to expect. Vice President, IT, JP Glick shares how Dell IT is adapting to the evolving needs of the global workforce to include: personas, data-driven intelligence, modern support and collaboration and more secure access everywhere. Session ID 5502P. Attend in person.

Unlocking the Value of Dell Technologies Data Footprint
Data is the fuel driving digital transformation across every organization. But the challenge is finding it, collecting it, and making it work in a fast, secure and compliant way to create new value and drive innovation. Vice President, IT, Will Hudson and Senior Consultant, IT Architecture Attila Finta share how we protect and maximize the potential of our own data to power our business units through a data-first culture, data as-a-product and a foundational architecture built for this data decade. Session ID 5506P. Attend in person.

Increase Agility and Simplify Infrastructure Management with Software-Defined Storage
Organizations need the agility to respond quickly to ever-changing business needs. This requires more flexibility, choice and predictability in how technology is consumed. Senior Consultant, IT Infrastructure, Jim Hall discusses how Dell IT standardized its storage strategy to make storage simple, aligned to the business, and able to be provisioned on-demand. Session ID 5503P. Attend in person.

Learn How Dell IT is Building Resilient Supply Chains with VxRail and Smart Manufacturing
Vice President, IT, Ramesh Jampula and Senior Director, Software Engineer, IT, Sujai Thomas share how we’re achieving cloud-like capabilities on-premises with VxRail, enabling factory as an edge and accelerating edge use cases across our global manufacturing sites. We will share our lessons learned and benefits achieved, including how we’re making our manufacturing units more connected, agile, secure, efficient and resilient to supply chain constraints. Session ID 5505P. Attend in person.

Optimizing the Developer Experience with an Automated Multi-Cloud and DevOps Approach
A key component to delivering services and capabilities to the business faster is increasing code quality and developer productivity. CTO and Senior Vice President, Technology Transformation and Services, Dell Digital, Jaynene Hapanowicz and Cross Product Lead, Technology Transformation, Dell Digital, Nitya Seth share how our optimized developer experience is doing exactly that. We’ll dive deep into our fully automated cloud with a catalog of robust services as well as our fully automated DevOps pipeline. You’ll walk away with an appreciation for how a great developer experience can transform IT into a center of innovation within your company.

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