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Migration Process from Prime Infrastructure to DNA Center

A simplified Migration Process from Cisco Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA Center without disrupting Network Operations

You have been leveraging Cisco Prime Infrastructure for your wired and wireless networks needs and now you are wondering what’s next? Or you, perhaps started way before Prime Infrastructure, and have been looking at ways to make the solution more tuned to today’s technology evolution & digital transformation. Possibly it is hesitation about changing to yet another tool since Prime Infrastructure has been meeting all your network needs up until now.

If this describes you, you have certainly come to the right place!

Before I get started, there are several resources for you to consider such as a recent a blog published on The Business Why’s of migration to Cisco DNA Center written by a Cisco Customer, Shai Silberman, Director of Network Services at San Jose State University, as well as a recently posted podcast Cisco Champions Podcast on Prime Migration.

Evolution of Intent Based Networking

Let me first start by saying this: I completely understand the hesitation; Prime Infrastructure has done well as a traditional network management tool for provisioning, monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting both wired and wireless devices.

However, let’s start with some of the earlier management platforms like Cisco Works, and then LMS (LAN Management Solution) – for LAN management were leveraged for just wired infrastructure for advanced wired features. As the network evolved, Network Control System (NCS) built on Wireless Control System (WCS), was introduced to accommodate both wired and wireless infrastructure lifecycle management.

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