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The Next Wave of Productivity Demands 5G and Wi-Fi

The pandemic accelerated digital transformations for enterprises across the globe. With the flip of a switch, IT workers transitioned to a remote work environment. We took meetings from our kitchens, we learned that it’s not the end of the world when a child or pet crashes a meeting, and some of us rekindled our relationship with sweatpants. It wasn’t without its challenges, but it was still a relatively smooth transition for IT workers. This wasn’t necessarily the case for OT workers, and the pandemic didn’t lead to a rethinking of work for workers in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and utilities.

The Future of Work is Hybrid
At Cisco, we believe the future of work is both hybrid and inclusive. Hybrid work is much more than taking video meetings from your kitchen. Hybrid work is a rethinking of networks, policy, security, and of course, collaboration. We are reimagining work not just for IT workers though, but also for OT workers. The power of Wi-Fi 6 and Private 5G are going to bring together people, spaces, and things to reimagine how we work.

As enterprises and service providers are rethinking network architectures to support hybrid work, they are increasing their reliance on the cloud for greater flexibility, connecting their physical operations with IT and OT systems, and using analytics, AI, ML, and automation to keep employees safe, minimize their carbon footprint, and improve productivity and efficiency while reducing operational costs. And they need to do this all while connecting everyone seamlessly and securely from where they need to be, aiming to deliver a great hybrid work experience for everyone. Talk about challenging! Cisco is proud to continue to innovate in helping enterprises and service providers achieve all of this.

Helping our Partners Meet Enterprises Where They Are
Cisco Private 5G as a Service provides our partners with more flexibility for expanded future growth and the ability to provide new services. Cisco knows how to build solutions that avoid both complexity and lock-in, enabling partners to empower customers to extend what they already own. Our private 5G solution is ‘Simple to Start’, ‘Intuitive to Operate’, and ‘Trusted’ for enterprise digital transformation.

Cisco Private 5G is built on our industry-leading mobile core technology and IoT portfolio with Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) technology. Complementary to Wi-Fi (including existing and future versions – Wi-Fi 5/6/6E), Cisco Private 5G integrates with existing enterprise systems, making operations simple and familiar. Our solution is delivered as-a-service in a pay-as-you-go model in cooperation with global service providers and system integration partners, providing an easy way to reduce technical, financial, and operational risks.

Cisco allows partners like DISH Networks, NTT, Logicalis, and Colt Technology Services to quickly and cost-effectively deliver experiences that enterprises demand, bundling Cisco Private 5G with their own value-added solutions. Read all the partner and customer quotes in the press release.

Together, Wi-Fi, private 5G and IoT can transform industries and redefine the future of hybrid work. Private 5G enables connectivity for a full range of technologies and use cases, from factory floors to supply chains, remote sensors, and customer engagements. We look forward to continuing to share our vision as well as plenty of use cases and success stories that will inspire you.

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