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Top APEX and Multi-cloud Dell Technologies World Sessions

Each year at Dell Technologies World, we welcome thousands of our customers, partners and peers to share our plans for the coming year, learn from one another and build the future of tech together. And helping organizations make the shift to services-based consumption and build the right multi-cloud strategy is an important way we’re doing exactly that.

At Dell Technologies World 2022, we’ll be offering around 40 breakout sessions—either online, in person or both—focused on our APEX and multi-cloud portfolio. Below are 11 sessions to consider attending as you plan your week. You can also browse the complete session catalog.

Joining us in Vegas? We recommend bookmarking this list on your phone or handheld device so you have it handy while you’re there and know what sessions to catch.

Expanded as-a-Service Offerings Can Help IT Thrive in a Multi-Cloud World
Learn how to take advantage of simplified cloud experiences delivered how and where they are needed, as-a-Service (aaS). We’ll explore how Dell Technologies APEX offerings—based on the Dell Technologies innovation you know and trust—can help modernize IT, while enabling you to build on the technology and skills that your business already utilizes. Discover how APEX simplifies IT, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities, while gaining more agility and control in today’s multi-cloud world.

Simplicity, Agility and Control in Technology Procurement with APEX Custom Solutions
Hear how Dell APEX Custom Solutions can help your organization leverage on-premises as-a-Service (aaS) capabilities, delivered in technology stacks that can be customized to specifications and paid for buffer capacity as it is used. Dell APEX Custom Solutions provide predictability for increased simplicity, flexibility for enhanced agility, and choice for greater control as your organization purchases and uses technology. Session ID: 1104B/1104BD. Attend online or in person.

Multi-Cloud and the Future of IT
Organizations are adopting multi-cloud to get the best-of-class capabilities they need to support their applications and data, wherever they are hosted. However, for many businesses, multi-cloud means “multi-contract” – multiple environments without consistency, which leads to numerous challenges. Learn the foundations to turn multiple clouds into a true multi-cloud experience with Dell Technologies.

Making Multi-Cloud Real: How our customers are running VMware workloads using Dell APEX Portfolio
Learn more about the challenges customers faced during digital transformation and how we were able to help. Take a closer look at how APEX delivers more secure and consistent operations for workloads across multiple clouds, while reducing costs and the IT management burden.

A Deeper Dive into APEX Data Storage Services
Join us for a closer look at the Dell Technologies’ Storage as-a-Service offer, Dell APEX Data Storage Services. In this session, we will review offer features and capabilities such as APEX Console functionality, requirements for site readiness, disaster recovery planning, and multi-cloud connectivity. We’ll also discuss variations between on-premises and colocation deployment options, along with an overview of roles and responsibilities.

Cyber-Recovery as-a-Service: Gain Recovery Confidence with the “Three I’s”

How do you provide strong cyber-recovery capabilities with the convenience and simplicity of an OPEX-friendly billing model? In this session, learn how the three “I’s”—Isolated Vault, Intelligent ML-Based Analysis, and Immutable Infrastructure—are combined with consulting expertise and delivered conveniently as a service to help enable recovery after a cyberattack.
Maximize Your Storage Expenditures with APEX Flex on Demand
Learn how your organization can acquire products and services to support changing business needs, with payments that scale to match actual usage. With Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s reserve capacity billing cap, you can achieve breakthrough performance without breaking the bank. APEX Flex on Demand is a pay-per-use, flexible-consumption model for custom configurations. It delivers elastic capacity that is measured at the product level. Join us to understand the benefits to your organization.

Voices from the Front: Dell Customers’ Transformation to Multi-Cloud
It is more challenging than ever to manage and gain valuable insights from data. To maximize value, organizations have turned to multi-cloud approaches across their businesses. Hear about the journeys of Dell Technologies customers and how the multi-cloud solutions enabled them to accelerate their digital transformation.

Fortify Your Organization Against Ransomware with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery
Dell Technologies knows your organization needs a modern and powerful cyber-resiliency strategy to reduce risk and protect data from threats like ransomware. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery isolates data within an automated air-gapped vault, preserves its integrity with immutable storage while leveraging powerful intelligence, and uses machine learning (ML) to ensure recoverability. Join us and learn how to recover your organization’s data after a cyber-event with ease and confidence.

Build Your Multi-cloud Breakthrough with PowerStore
Globally, more than 90% of companies already use multi-cloud solutions. Learn how your organization’s future may depend on your ability to build intelligent and distributed environments that combine on-premises infrastructure with public cloud, managed-service providers and a variety of remote edge deployments. Attendees will learn how PowerStore multi-cloud solutions can modernize, protect and scale workloads, with cloud resources, while maintaining simplicity and consistent operations, end-to-end.

Welcome to the PowerStore Experience: How Continuously Modern Storage Helps You Embrace Change
Still spending cycles maintaining an aging storage platform while fear of buyer’s remorse keeps you from committing to a new solution? What if your storage could adapt intelligently to change—while delivering technology innovation automatically, over time, to keep pace with ever-shifting goals? If you’d rather focus on exciting new edge, DevOps or multi-cloud solutions than plan for your next storage upgrade, attend this session. Learn how the latest PowerStore release gives you a path to any future.

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