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What is new of Dell R750 Server? Dell R750 vs. R740?

Recently, Dell released its new series of PowerEdge servers, including R750, R650, C6520 and more. Looking this, we may have questions about R750’s new features, compared to the hottest series, the R740.

In this post, let’s compare them.

What is new of Dell R750 Server?

The PowerEdge R750 general-purpose server equipped with the third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor is designed for the most demanding workloads. Each CPU can support 8 memory channels, and can support up to 32 DDR4 DIMMs at a speed of 3200 MT/s. In terms of solving massively parallel linear equations, up to 43% performance improvement can be achieved.

This excellent performance has also been highly praised by the professional evaluation agency Storage Review. In the performance test, PowerEdge R750 was awarded the “2021 Editors’ Choice Award” for its strong performance, excellent thermal design, and excellent software features.

In terms of testing the average latency of SQL Server, the PowerEdge R750 server was able to maintain a 1ms latency on 8 VMs. For Sysbench, the TPS of 8 VM settings is 29174, the average delay is 8.77ms, and the worst-case delay is 15.2ms. We saw impressive performance of 8 VMs, which is one of the highest performances we have recorded.

New Features of New PowerEdge Servers

In addition, PowerEdge servers have brought a series of new innovations in management:

Unified management
PowerEdge servers can be seamlessly integrated with VMWare systems. When customers use VMware virtualization or a VMware-based cloud platform, using the VMware management platform, customers can integrate Dell PowerEdge Open-manage into their management platform to achieve the entire lifecycle management of software and hardware, greatly improving Improve customer’s work efficiency.

PowerEdge servers support CloudIQ. Customers can use CloudIQ to analyze the performance of all Dell EMC servers, storages, and networks in the current system, as well as to predict some failures and make some remedial measures in advance, which can improve management efficiency and improve the system.

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