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Fast Forward Your Firewall Business

It’s no secret that our customer’s security needs are continuing to evolve and change as organizations transition to the cloud – whether it’s to support sustained hybrid work posture or adopt strategies like Zero Trust or Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – customers need end-to-end security that simplifies the experience, reduces complexity, and integrates with their existing security investments.

A foundational element to much of these initiatives is having strong firewalling capabilities to bring better visibility, unified policy control, and threat prevention. It’s a good thing the Cisco Secure Firewall team is continuing to bring new innovations to market that help customers get real-time, unified, application workload and network security protection, helping our customers increase productivity across teams. For example, with our latest 7.0 release customers gain 30% faster throughput and our recently launched Cisco Secure Managed Remote Access allows customers to accelerate time to value by offloading VPN management to Cisco. . Talk about leveraging the firewall to help press the fast forward button on achieving a customer’s desired business outcomes. Also did you hear that Frost & Sullivan just named Cisco as the sole recipient of the 2021 Firewall Best Practices Market Leadership Award? This award recognizes that Cisco achieved the greatest market share in the global firewall market due to outstanding performance, products, and service.

The opportunity for you

Now more than ever, is a great opportunity for you, our partners, to position our firewall and its enhanced capabilities which will help set your customers up to meet the ever-changing demands of hybrid and multi cloud environments. Not to mention there is a massive customer install base that is out there for you to capture. As a partner you can help get those customers receive the highest value from their firewall by refreshing legacy firewalls or at a minimum getting them up to the latest software. You can land with Secure Firewall and expand the conversation with your customer to include additional products thanks to the enhanced integration and automation powered by Cisco SecureX. Cisco Secure has some compelling partner profitability offers to incentivize you to drive these firewall migration and competitive displacement sales motions and activate SecureX.

How can you get started?

I invite you to join us on October 12th for our Firewall Fast Forward – Cisco Secure Partner Insights Forum. You’ll hear from Cisco executive leadership like Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins about Cisco’s strategic security vision and the importance of firewall as a cornerstone of Cisco’s security architecture. Plus, our Security leaders, Shelly Blackburn, Frank Lento, Shawn Yuskaitis, Chandro Prasad and the Secure Firewall leadership team, will share how you can tap into your opportunity to refresh a massive firewall install base plus win new business with our differentiated solution.

Oliver Tuszik from our Global Partner Organization will event close our event. You’ll will leave with a sneak peek of the Secure Firewall product roadmap, information on new sales and technical resources available, the promotions and offers available for you to maximize your profitability, and practical advice on how you can grow your security business with Cisco Secure. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

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